Vow Triumph is a mini series breaking down each marriage vow in it's entirety and what it truly means. For most, the vows are just something we say at the wedding--it's the norm! However, there is true commitment, integrity, and passion in those words. Those vows will be tested at some point. Part of inspiration is preparing people for what's to come. We want couples in all transitions to be prepared for the lifelong commitment they make through the vows. Stick around if you want triumph in your vows for this free training.

For Richer Or Poorer

Episode 6

In this episode you can identify with being up one day and down the next. You can feel as though one day you have everything, and then it be taken from you. This is what happened in my marriage. Watch my personal financial struggle of living in motels and how I got through the struggles with my husband.

In Sickness & In Health

Episode 7

Sickness is something we don’t foresee happening in our marriage unless we are already privy to information. Listen in as I interview this young couple who fell upon sickness. What I saw was teamwork and collaboration, encouragement, and support. Stick around if you want triumph in your vows!

Till Death Do Us Part

Episode 8

So much happens between when you get married and death. The plan is to make it until you part by way of death. In order to get to that point, you need to be equipped with the tools to face your challenges. Check out the episode as we talk about the five key attributes needed to make it until death.

According To God's Holy Ordinance

Episode 9

Tune in as I discuss my top three scriptures pertaining to marriage. When mother and father pass away and when the flowers fade, God’s word is going to stand. Utilize the Bible as your source to work through the daily trials and tribulations. It will guide you when all else fails.