Angela  Rolle

Speaker. Author. Coach.

Mrs. Angela E. Rolle is a motivational speaker and author of

Vow Triumph, which will be released Spring 2019. She is a graduate of

the Chattahoochee Technical College Student Leadership Academy. 

She has also completed the Eagle Leadership Conference learning

different tools to becoming an effective leader. Rolle is a proud inducted

member of the National Society of Leadership & Success holding the

National Engaged Leadership Award. 


Rolle is a Silver member of Black Speaker's Network where she is

focused on developing more as a professional speaker. She has a love

for writing and sharing her story of triumph in trying times. She had the

pleasure of writing an article for Elephant Journal on how your beginning

doesn’t have to be your ending. This is the motto that she lives by! She

is currently working with different magazines and websites to have more

of her work published.


A United States Air Force veteran, Rolle is tough but lovable. She is a visionary and wholeheartedly believes in serving others before self. Born and raised in New Jersey (South Jersey as she likes to point out), she learned the importance of business and leadership at a very young age. Angela has five sisters with all of her sisters having boy children, whom she loves and adores. She loves reading, writing, traveling, church, spending time with her husband, and taking a good nap on her spare time. Married at the tender age of 18, Angela had to endure many failures and setbacks.


Thirteen years later and still happily married, she is the founder of Love Inspiry, LLC. Her company promotes healthy relationships, how to manage adversity, and working together as one flesh to make your love work. She is the host of Love Inspiry podcast, which is now an international podcast. It has been listened in places like Indonesia and India to name a few. She is also the face behind Love Inspiry YouTube Channel and has many other upcoming projects on the way. She is a nurturing and straightforward God-fearing woman, wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter, and friend.